So I was cleaning out my old back pack that I’ve had for probably a million year (or at least 7).  The top has been ripping for the past year so my mom bought me a snazzy new bag at Sam’s Club…thanks Mom




sweet new bag

I couldn’t believe the stuff I was hoarding in my old book bag…I had to share!  I knew I tried to be prepared but I never really knew how much randomness could be in one bag…

5 pens…no pencils?…

1 highlighter

1 whiteout pen

5 half-empty packs of gum (I love gum!)

5 hair bands

1 cloth headband..never worn…

1 empty Burt’s Bee’s Honey & Grapeseed Oil Hand Crème (smells so good)

1 Burt’s Bee’s Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream

5 safety pins

12ish bobby pins (so that is where they all went!)

1 Nescafe Taster’s Choice Instant Coffee

3 bags of tea: 2 ruby red chai, 1 green tea

1 nail polish

IMAG0114 like the new color?!  I do!

1 eye concealer by ELF from Target for only $1

1 lip balm

25 cents(that will get me far)

1 mini notepad

1 plastic frog (Fully Rely On God!)

1 travel pack of band-aids

1 nail file

1 brush

1 cough-eeze zinc cough drop


That is in addition to the other necessities like a folder, calculator, and planner.  Not sure how I ever fit books and my laptop in?!

So what will go into my new book bag?  Uhh…pretty much everything haha.  Maybe not the tea or half empty lotion…but…might need it…


What necessities do you keep with you?  Are you as extreme about being prepared or am I crazy?!