Hello everyone…how is your week going?  I can’t believe it is Wednesday already!  What is it about being on a break that puts you in a time warp? 

I’m enjoying a moment alone at home while the rest of the family is out doing some last minute shopping.  I didn’t need to hit up the stores they were going to so I thought I would enjoy some time blogging and maybe getting some work done.  It’s so nice to have everyone around but I still need some time to myself.  Do you feel like that around family too? 

I set up a little desk for myself at my mom’s sewing station.


..Don’t mind the mess!  I thought about straightening it up for the picture, but then I thought, hey, that’s not real life! 

We’ve also got this little situation going on…


Hah, there is a similar pile on the other side of the desk!!  I hate being such a slob when I travel but there is no where to unpack my clothes so I just try to accept the mess for a week or so!

The view is wonderful from the desk though…


This doesn’t do it justice, but you gotta love the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Speaking of messes…I’ll be honest, I am still struggling to fight the effects of my cold.  I hate when sickness lingers, so buggin’!  I am a bit snotty (ew), my throat still feels swollen, but the worst part is the drag in my energy.   I took Sunday and yesterday off from the gym and that definitely helped.  My uncle and I are going to hit up the noon cycle class though today..I think the movement will do me good if I just take it easy!


If you can’t make it to the gym, grab a set of weights and do this circuit workout which combines strength and cardio for a total body workout.

Workout Wednesday At Home Cardio & Strength

Jumping jacks – 30

Mountain Climbers – 30

Push-ups – 15 (full out or on knees)

Bicep curls with squat – 15

Walking lunge or front lunge with shoulder press – 15

Standing tricep extension and calf raise – 15

Squat with jump – 15

Plank with row – 15

Weighted oblique twist – 15/side

Go through the circuit straight through. Rest a minute, then repeat for a total of 2 or 3 times.  This should leave you a sweaty mess. 


Sweaty messes > snotty messes.

I’m helping my mom make soup for dinner so I’ll definitely post the recipe later!  Have a great Wednesday..or whatever day it is…


Do you take time for yourself at the holidays?  Do you feel guilty for needing time alone?