There is a little virtual 10K holiday race floating around the blog world.  Have you seen it?

You can find out about it here!

I thought this would be the perfect motivation for me to get out and run this weekend.  I love races but can’t afford the fees lately with school so this lil’ free event is perfect for me.   You can run anytime between Friday December 23rd and Monday December 26th.  I’ll see how my energy feels but I am thinking a Christmas morning run would be a good way to start the day!

I have run twice since my marathon, including this morning…. I headed out with my uncle Mark who is an avid runner as well.  He has completed in the NY City Marathon and the Twin Cities Marathon several years ago and now focuses on half marathon distances (although he is thinking he should do another marathon in the next couple of years…I agree!)

We drove downtown to run on the beautiful greenway in our area and probably ended up doing around 6 miles in a little under an hour.  It was the perfect pace, weather (warm in the 50s), and company for a morning run.

Mark and I post run

My Dad biked along the path as we ran.

The best part about an early morning run is the after-run breakfast!  We met the rest of the fam at a restaurant downtown.   The food was pretty good but service was terrible and I was starving by the time I got my omelet and toast.  I meant to take a picture but ate it before I remembered..oops!

It’s nice to be active as a family, but also be lazy together…I think I hear some lunch and couch time calling my name…

Do you workout with family members?