Nothing like some Christmas cookie making to put you in the holiday spirit.  My dad and I decided we wanted to make old school gingerbread cookies and decorate them last night.  He wanted to buy prepackaged dough but I put my foot down to make them the old-fashioned way.  I found a recipe online at Simply Recipes.


We made our grocery list, got ingredients, and set out last night to make the cookies so he could take them to people today.  Go us.  Quickly we realized there are two important steps in choosing a recipe: ingredients AND directions…

Step 2: Chill for at least 1 hour or overnight.

Well at 8 o’clock at night…we don’t have time for that!  I realized we might be at the store getting that prepackaged dough anyway…

Impromptu direction change..throw the dough in the freezer and hope for the best.

Twenty minutes or so later and things took a turn for the worse.  The dough was crumbly and unroll-able.  We almost ‘threw in the towel’ so to speak but didn’t want to give up hope.  There MUST be GINGERBREAD cookies!!

So…using our best amateur baking knowledge, we added extra molasses and a splash of milk.  Success?  Yes!  We had roll-able dough…hoorah!

It was a team effort as my dad rolled and cut  the cookies and I decorated.


Oh and Chloe monitored.


Definite team effort.


Do you make cookies from scratch or just buy prepackaged dough?