My Dad, uncle Greg, and I hit up the cycle class today.  I realized it was a ‘triathlete reunion workout’ tri2IMAG0116-1

Lake Anna Triathlon Relay Team  and cycle class teammates

Look who was waiting for us when we came home:


CHLOE on the chair…what a stinker Smile

I was starving after spin class but faced my typical post-workout problem…shower or food?!

My smart uncle Mark recommended drinking some chocolate milk (perfect post-workout fuel), take a shower, then come down refreshed to make lunch.  WINNER.

When I made it down for lunch I threw together a random lunch.


I sautéed some mushrooms and yellow squash.  Threw it on a microwaved sweet potato and topped it with two fried eggs and some Parmesan cheese.  I was going for a veggie scramble but the assortment of ingredients didn’t quite work out.  None the less, it hit the spot!


We just took the dogs out for a nice walk and are enjoying some R&R at home. My mom just suggested we make my healthi(-er) oatmeal white chocolate cranberry cookies…you know I’m down!…