Hello everyone!  Happy Friday!  Woo hoo!

If you’re done with classes and exams like me, a big congratulations…here is to a huge sigh of relief and some time to gain sanity.

For all my working peeps, its almost quitting time!  I hope you have fun weekend plans.

Sorry for my lack of posting, I have been a hot mess over here.  I pride myself in combating colds but this one has me BEAT.  I started feeling it coming on Wednesday and by Thursday morning, there was no denying, I am sick.  They say your immune system is weakened after a marathon and I guess I’ll have to be living proof.

I woke up this morning with my throat is swollen, face puffy, nose red, skin pale…  To make it worse, I am using a new acne medication (the joys of being in school=breaking out like a 14 year old) and so my skin is dry and flaky. UGH.  I would be having a huge pity party over here (as opposed to the big pity party I am currently having) if it wasn’t for the fact that I have fabulous friends coming to visit me tonight and of course that it is winter break.  Friends = the best medicine.

Okay enough whining.  I was hoping to hit the weights today but that would not be good with this cold so instead I want YOU to go.  I was so sore from the Gun Show workout part I (did you do it?!) and wanted to bring you Part II…this one focuses on back, biceps, some more shoulders, and oblique’s.  Let’s get to it…

Gun Show Upper Body Workout Part II

Go through each circuit 3 times then move onto the next circuit!  It took me about 35 minutes…

  • Circuit 1
    • Wide grip Lat Pull Down– x15
    • Seated knee tucks – x15
  • Circuit 2
    • Seated Back Row – x15
    • Weighted Oblique Twist – x20/side
  • Circuit 3
    • Bicep Curl – x15
    • Dumbbell Overhead Press – x15
  • Circuit 4
    • Hammer Curl – x15
    • Lateral Shoulder Raise – x15
  • Circuit 5
    • Stiff leg Deadlift – x15
    • Bicycle crunches – x30


Another sunny side to my day…I bought this red lipstick for 50 cents while I was getting cold medicine this morning. 


If I don’t feel good..I can still try to look good!  Right?…right.

Do you ever wear red lipstick?  Love it or too much?!