Welcome to the gun show.

I am super stoked to be able to focus more time/effort/energy in weight training now that marathon training is done.  I hit up my apartment gym this morning for some weights focusing on chest, triceps, some shoulders, and abs. 

Gun Show Upper Body Part I

Go through each circuit 3 times then move onto the next circuit!  It took me about 35 minutes…

  • Circuit I 
  • Circuit 2
    • Chest press – using barbell or dumbbells – x12
    • Reverse crunches – x20
  • Circuit 3
    • Chest fly on bench with dumbbells – x12
    • Tricep skullcrusherwith dumbbels – x12
    • Abdominal scissor kicks – x20
  • Circuit 4
    • Upright row – x12
    • Front raises – x12
    • Overhead tricep extension – x12



A perfect start to my day.  I knew it was gonna be good, especially when I wore my favorite gold feather earrings (got them for my UMW graduation) and my new favorite pink skinny jeans (so necessary).


I think you can almost see my guns in that sweater…

ANYWAY, I squeezed this workout in before my LAST final..WOO HOO! Done for the semester!  I am currently relaxing on the couch watching a little “Sex and the City”  Tough life!


Until next time…Did you watch Sex and the City when it was on?  Who is your favorite character?

I was too young for it when it first came on!  One of my roommates in college had some of the dvds and I started watching it then.  After college, I got all the seasons on dvd (obsessed much?!).  I like Carrie the best but I think like most people, I can relate somehow to all the girls!