I hit up a cycle class at school tonight.  I was going stir crazy after being in my apartment all day studying and I thought the class would be good for my recovery if I just took it easy.

The instructor was a spunky one!  Very upbeat and energetic.  Towards the end of the class the LMFAO song came on “Sexy and I Know It”  I’m sure you’ve heard it..it is pretty out there!

lmfao great music band 1 LMFAO   Great Music Band

During the song the instructor yelled out, “You all are looking sexy!”

Everyone in the class gave a awkward laugh.

She was like “No Really. Earlier I was sitting in the library, without any makeup on, in sweatpants, feeling stressed and discouraged.  Now I am here in cycle class, I sweaty mess, still without any makeup on, and I feel so awesome! You should too..you all look great!”

Well call me crazy but I think she has a point. 

Have you all ever experienced this?  Your endorphins are pumping, you are sweating, your exhausted, yet you feel absolutely awesome, maybe even sexy?!

I hope you have, but if not, let me remind you…


My best LMFAO impression..totally “sexy”…

Does working out make you feel good about yourself?