Stairs and hills are not my friends today but thankfully the water is!

Confession: I have only been swimming twice (TWICE!) since my triathlon in July.  It is now December.  Bad triathlete Anna, bad.

Confession #2:  Besides running this past Saturday, I have kind of felt like a huge blob otherwise.  The last week of my life has involved many longs hours in the car, a lot less running, no weight training,and copious amounts of carbs due to fueling and just plain stress.

Confession #3:  I really wanted to get my body moving and loosened up today and knew swimming would be perfect low impact, full body exercise.  I also knew that if it felt incredibly rough to swim, I could blame it on my marathon and not on the fact that I haven’t been swimming in forever.  True story.

Confession #4: Swimming felt SO good and it made me SUPER excited to start planning and training for triathlons for the spring.


From my first pool triathlon swim, Richmond Sprint Triathlon October 2010


Just GET IN THE POOL BANANA – Swimming Workout

Total distance: 2000 meters, freestyle stroke unless otherwise noted

Warm-up: 250 meters
Pick up the pace: 250 meters
Intervals: Use kickboard for 1 lap, use pull buoy for 1 lab, and full freestyle 1 lap.  Repeat for a total of 3 times and throw in an extra free style to make it a total of 500 meters.
Lap Intervals: “sprint” for 1 lap, slower swim 1 lap.  Repeat for a total of 5 times or 500 meters.
Quick Intervals: “sprint” down for 1/2 lap, then slow swim back 1/2 lap.  Repeat for a total of 5 times or 250 meters.
Cool Down: 250 (I did pull buoy, backstroke, and one last freestyle)

I followed this up with a killer stretch, warm shower, and epic lunch.

junk salad

Romaine lettuce, spinach, and broccoli slaw topped with quinoa, cucumber, tomatoes, carrots, corn, slivered almonds, balsamic vinegar, spicy mustard, and tuna.  The combo of balsamic and mustard is my new favorite…really kicks it up a notch!

Expect to see a lot more swim workouts in the future!

Well 2 exams down and 1 more to go on Wednesday…I can see the end…

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Are you a swimmer?  Do you find it hard to get in the pool? If not, what’s your hardest exercise to motivate for?!