“Only those who risk going to far can possibly find out how far one can go.”

On April 8th I received an email from my professor saying I had been accepted into the marathon class for Fall 2011.  I freaked and immediately forwarded the email to my parents.  Marathon. Me. 2011.

On September 3rd I met my GKIN class for our first Saturday morning group run: 5 miles..there was no turning back.

On October 8th my ‘group’ run didn’t happen as my IT band flared leaving a debilitating pain in my knee.  For weeks I pushed through low mileage, flat, slow runs on the treadmill accompanied with many cycle classes to keep my cardio training progressing.  On November 5th I was finally able to complete 10 out of the 16 miles scheduled for our group run.  I was going to make this happen.  The next weekend, November 12th, I ran 18 miles and knew I was marathon-bound.

11 Saturday morning runs, including two 18+ milers, 15 weeks of training later and I am now on a bus to Huntsville, Al to run in my first marathon.

You can follow me on Twitter for updates throughout the weekend.  I’ll be sure to check in tomorrow at the finish line!

Thanks for all your support these past couple of months! 🙂