Hey Everyone!  How is your week going?  Can you believe it is Tuesday already?!…or maybe you’re thinking its ONLY Tuesday?!… 🙂


Sorry for my lack of posting this past weekend, as I mentioned before, things are pretty crazy here with internship visits, the last week of classes, prepping for exams, oh yeah, and trying not to stress over the 26.2 I’ll be running this Saturday.  But life is good!

This weekend’s internship open house went really well and it is exciting to think of the possibilities of where I’ll be next year at this time and how much I’ll be learning.  I ended up staying at home for the weekend since I didn’t get much time there over Thanksgiving.  I enjoyed my parent’s beautiful Christmas decorations…

Doesn’t it look like a post card?!

I also got to spend some snuggle time with these two…

Okay mostly just enjoyed them being their cute selves together. They don’t seem to understand the concept of “making room for others.”

I rushed back Monday morning and barely made it to class in the time.  The rest of the day was a whirlwind…class, final touches on a presentation, last-minute homework, class, an oral presentation given by yours truly on ‘Menopause and Soy Intake’, work, laundry, the grocery store, and promptly crashing by 9:30!

Today I was up early and on the road again to visit another internship!  I have to admit I was not looking forward to the total of 4 hours in the car, but it ended up being a great experience and worth the trip. I listened to “Blue Christmas” by Mary Kay Andrews on CD to make the time past.  I love books on ‘tape’ and this holiday themed one was super cute and cheesy!

I made it back just in time to lace up my sneaks one last time this week for a run…

I did an easy 3 miles which felt good after being in the car so much!  I could never travel for work, I’ll tell you that much.  My legs feel so funny this week…they don’t know how to handle the low mileage but love it at the same time.  I can tell they will be ready for Saturday.

Speaking of Saturday, with all the craziness going on, I’ve been making sure I am keeping my body and mind healthy.  I have definitely been anxious and stressed but it’s probably better I am so busy so I don’t have too much time to think about Saturday.

There has been a lot of tea and water drinking.

My tea/gum drawer full to the brim 🙂

I also have been drinking an Emergen-C everyday for good measure.

I love the raspberry flavor and reach for it when I am feeling a little off…placebo or not, I think it helps keep sickness away!

I’ve also been doing a lot of this…

List making and planning!  I am very type A about lists and using my planner so I’ve tried to keep my mind clear and organized by making manageable daily lists with what I need to get done along with how long I will devote to each activity and it’s priority.

This week isn’t totally about action though!  I also have to focus on this…

Ahh, sleep!  I could dive right in looking at that picture of my bed.  I want to have the tv off, computer shut down, and cell phone put away by 9:00 every night and read a book, etc to make sure that I am in bed early.  Okay, last night it was closer to 9:30 but I’ll do my best!


Well I’ve got a “Microminerals” metabolism online lecture calling my name…hope you have a great Tuesday night!  I’ll try to post some fun workouts and recipes this week before I go!