Last night I watched the Lighting of the Rockefeller Tree and finally “decorated” my apartment for the holidays.  I made a nice bag of microwave popcorn, mug of peppermint tea, and got to decorating…

A background about my lil’ fake tree:

Freshman year, when I was at UMW (so over 6 years ago!) I got this little tree for like $15 from Roses (anyone ever shopped at Roses?!).  I put it up over my mini-fridge in the dorm room that year and have put it up in my apartment each year since.  It’s so sparse and fake but just like Charlie Brown’s tree, add some lights and ornaments and it is beautiful and brings so many good memories.  I love family holiday traditions but its nice to feel like I am starting my own…even if it is a $15 fake tree!

Here is the lil’ guy when I lived up in Arlington in 2009.


And the tree this year!

I updated my decorating strategy and used a colorful scarf as the tree skirt.  I decorated the tree with orange and red fake flowers I had to match my living room ‘decor.’  I love it!


Have you decorated yet for Christmas?