My Dad and I hit up the local gym this morning to get a workout in before the Turkey Day tomorrow!  I wanted to do a circuit style workout that would use my whole body, keep my heart rate up, and burn those calories long after my workout was done.  We both started with a 25 minute warm-up/cardio session on the elliptical.  I did intervals (minutes of higher speed, then minutes of higher resistance) to keep my heart rate pumping.  Then the fun began as I led my Dad in this full body circuit..enjoy pre, on, or post Thanksgiving day!

Thanksgiving Full Body Circuit

Perform each Circuit 3x before moving onto the next

Circuit 1

  • Push-ups x10
  • Squat with dumbbell hammer curls x15
  • Overhead shoulder press x12

Circuit 2

Circuit 3

Circuit 4

  • Tricep dips x10
  • Oblique twists with dumbbell x10/side

Finish with a plank hold for good abdominal measure…see how long you can hold it…

Be sure to stretch after too!

This workout should leave you sweating and ready to enjoy a yummy Thanksgiving feast… thank your body after for all its hard work. 🙂

Are you working out through the holidays?!