Are you a Twilight fan?  Even if you aren’t I am sure you’ve heard that the 4th movie is coming out this weekend.  I admit, I have read the books and seen the first two movies. I was always Team Emmett (Kellan Lutz) until he recently dyed his hair black (doesn’t do it for me).


I stumbled upon Taylor Lautner’s Ab Workout on Men’s Health and figured I would give it a try this morning because even if you don’t like Twilight, you have to admit Jacob (Taylor) is ripped.

Don’t worry girls, you won’t end up looking like that doing weight training!  But you can expect to attract guys like that… 😉

What went down..


Exercise Ball Pikes – 15

Reverse Crunches – 15

Exercise Ball Side Crunches – 15/side

Exercise Ball Leg Curl – 15

Prone Cobra – hold 60 seconds

Repeat for total 3x

I liked how the routine incorporated more full body moves and worked all areas of the abs!

Are you a Twilight fan?  Team Jacob or Team Edward?