So during my blog break I had some ups and downs in the fitness front.  I had the BEST time running in the Giant Acorn International Triathlon at Lake Anna on October 1st with family.   My Dad swam 1500m in the frigid lake (praise the Lord for wet suits) and kicked butt…So did my uncle Greg who biked 40K!  I finished out the race with a 10K run.

All in all we finished in 4th place in the relays and were all really proud of our time!

my family rocks

Things went a bit down hill after the relay for me.  I was still training with my class to run a marathon but my knee started to bother me and my running future seemed to be in jeopardy.  After seeing a trainer, I found out I was having problems with my IT band and the pain was radiating down to my knee.  First I cut out running, gave up the weekend group runs, then added in some slow treadmill miles, and did this for a few weeks.  I supplemented training with a lot of spin class and made sure to ice, stretch, and foam roll.

This leads to November when my knee and IT band was finally beginning to loosen up.  I was able to run a 10 mile group run and this past weekend ran with my class on our longest training run (18.7 miles!).  All in all, I WILL be running in the Rocket City Marathon on December 10th in Huntsville, AL and I couldn’t be more excited, surprised, and scared.

Lately, our training has incorporated a lot of 5 mile runs (usually Monday and Thursday each week) and for a few weeks there I was forced to run these on the treadmill.  I came up with this run to mix it up..if your looking for a change that will get your heart rate up, then this is the 5-miler for you.  Feel free to cut down, or increase, the distances and speed to fit the distance you want to run.  It begins with a mile warm up and then continues with 1/4 mile intervals decreasing in length.

Distance in Miles

Speed MPH

0.0 – 0.1

quick walk 4.0

0.1 – 0.25


0.25 -0.50


0.50 – 0.75


0.75 – 1.0


1.0 – 2.0


2.0 – 2.25


2.25 – 3.0


3.0 – 3.25


3.25 – 3.75


3.75 – 4.0


4.0 – 4. 25


4.25 – 4.50


4.50 – 4.75


4.75 – 5.0


5.0 – 5.25

slowly decrease and walk to cool down

Hope you enjoy it as much as I have 🙂

So have you been running?! Anyone doing a Turkey Trot?!