…by eating more…

I get home from work, starving…throw dinner together.  Enjoy.  Maybe have some desert.  Have a snack.  Still feel munchie.  Have another snack.  Woah.  What just happened…I just ate more food then I ate almost all day!

Okay, that might be taking it to the extreme, but its easy to do and I am definitely guilty of overeating at night!  Are you?  Especially with classes and work now, I am go go go and can ignore my hunger throughout the day but it catches up to me at night.   I am pretty hungry by the time dinner rolls around and if I am just hanging around the house at night, it is so easy to keep snacking.

So how have I been eating less and avoiding this pig out at night?

I’ve been eating a bigger snack in the morning between lunch and breakfast.  Eating more to eat less…crazy concept you say…but eating enough throughout the day can help avoid this late night eating which is usually unnecessary, especially before bed.  In the morning I don’t feel as hungry but I’ve found eating a snack sustains me throughout the day so I am not as hungry when the next meal or snack time rolls around.  Even better, I am not starving at night so I can eat my dinner and be done!

So if you find yourself eating too much at night, try throwing in more substantial snacks during the day to keep your hunger in check.


So what about you?  Whats your biggest eating issue?  Do you snack a lot at night?