Sorry I have fallen off the blog a bit lately!  I had a busy weekend with my Mom visiting with the dogs Chloe and Maggie!  We traveled to nearby Charlottesville to see Earth, Wind, and Fire play…

Yes…they are before my time but I do like them…and yes…they are still alive!  Or at least 3 of the original members…

We had a rocking time at the concert and got our groove on for sure but now its back to the grind.  I’ve been working some and trying to focus on studying.  I have a test tomorrow in my hardest class…Nutrition and Metabolism.  The class looks at specific nutrients role and their effect on metabolism in the body.  Pretty interesting but very science based which I struggle with.

So while I am busy studying, here are some ‘fun’ things I have learned:

  • Your fat cells (adipocytes) grow mostly in number (hypertrophy) when you are younger but can also grow in size (hyperplasia).  Childhood obesity is so dangerous because if a high number of cells are created when you are young, they are hard to get rid of (they will just shrink if you  lose weight).  They can shrink, but they naturally want to feed themselves and grow and it can be hard to maintain.  Basically, this is why it can be hard for some people to lose so much weight!
  • The body needs glucose from carbohydrates when it most efficiently makes energy (ATP).  People who go on low-carb diets are depriving their bodies of this energy source and the body turns to inefficiently using protein for energy ie your muscles.  You might lose weight quicker on a low-carb diet but it’s bad for your body as you just lose muscle mass!
  • There are over 200 molecules involved in maintaining homeostatic control in the body…appreciate them for all their hard work!
  • Jill, Kelly, and Alex are not being asked to return to the Real Housewives of NYC next season. Oh wait, how did that get in there….

Wow, I feel really smart knowing that (minus the housewives info! 🙂 Unfortunately that’s just a drop in the bucket of what I need to know for the test…better get back to it!

I’ll be back tomorrow with recipes, workouts, and fun…don’t forget to start signing up for Thanksgiving 5Ks and start looking at training plans!

How do you focus when studying?  Any advice?!