Lesson (re)learned.  Always read  food labels and nutrition facts on products you are buying/using.

For example: when I was home a few weeks ago my mom had so graciously bought me a nice big tube of greek yogurt.  Hoorah!  Upon further inspection, and to less excitement, we discovered it was ‘greek style’ yogurt and did not have a very high protein content and instead had a plethora of extra ingredients, leading to a HUGE saturated fat content with cream being the second ingredient.  Fail.

..not the best choice...

Again tonight I was throwing together dinner…It was delicious by the way…leftover brown rice topped with sautéed stir fry veggies, leftover squash, kidney beans, canned tomatoes, oregano/garlic to taste, and a hefty sprinkle of parmesan…sounds good right?! WELL, I was eating the leftover tomatoes out of the can while it was cooking only to discover a plethora of added ingredients.  The second on the list was high fructose corn syrup leading to lots of extra sugar and honestly unnecessary calories in my tomatoes of all things.  Bummer.  Did I keep eating? Well heck yes, it still made for a good dinner.  I just would have preferred it without the extra corn syrup.

When reading the nutrition facts I always check the serving size (1? 2? 20 per container? you never know!) and glance at the calories per serving.  Then I usually scan the ingredient list.  Sure the suggestion to only eat foods with 5 ingredients or less.   It is a good rule of thumb but not one I follow indefinitely..the fewer the better…and I do stay away from added sugars if possible.

Next, look to make sure these numbers are low:

-Saturated fat

-Transaturated Fat




And these numbers are high:



-Polyunsaturated Fat

-Monounsaturated Fat

-Any vitamins and minerals

I guess I can’t say it enough.  Read those labels!  You never know what is underneath.

Do you read food labels when shopping or eating?  Have you ever been surprised by ingredients?