Well it looks like the name of my blog might be misleading…even straight up wrong.  In my general kinesiology/marathon class we learned about the difference between “health” and “wellness.”  As you may know, health is typically defined as the “absence of disease” but not necessarily anything else.  Wellness on the other hand involves “optimal health and vitality encompassing all dimensions of wellness”…OH…I’ll take that any day.

As many of you are aware the definitions and expectations between health and wellness are easily blurred.  I know many people who live their life with vitality and strive to be ‘healthy’ but do have a disease or illness.  I also know a few people who are not very healthy, yet they don’t specifically have any illness or disease.

So Anna’s Adventures in Wellness it is…I want that vitality and life!  …(okay I won’t be changing my blog name…but you get the point)

The curriculum defines 6 dimensions of wellness which one must balance and focus on for the complete package ie the Wellness Continuum…

  1. Physical fitness – both skill related and health related
  2. Social
  3. Spiritual
  4. Intellectual
  5. Emotional
  6. Environmental

One of our assignments is to reflect on each of these dimensions, our satisfaction with them in our life, and goals for each to improve upon them.  As cheesy as it sounds, I think it’s an important exercise in evaluation of life satisfaction.  Maintaining a balance is near impossible but its important to me to truly be happy.

Personally, I put a lot of focus into physical fitness, intellectual, and social areas.  Emotional is always a work in progress and I have been trying to improve upon my spiritual side in the past few years.  I think environmental is harder to control but I am overall satisfied where I am with that in my life.  I definitely want to put more focus on my studies this semester as well as continue to foster and make new friends with people in this area.

So have you ever thought about your personal health?  Or more so, your personal wellness?  What areas of these are you lacking in?  Where could you make improvement?

On a side personal note, the marathon class and training is going well!  I am following the training plan which is so far manageable but will start to pick up within the next couple of weeks!  We did a 6 miler group run last week and this Saturday is a 7 miler.  Hard to believe how quickly these miles will add on!  I am also sticking to my August resolution to increase weight training and have been doing this 4 times a week with running.  Ha, did I mention I am pretty good about the ‘physical fitness’ portion of wellness…but it is all about balance people…

post-group run on my birthday the other weekend..25 the year of Wellness