Summer isn’t over yet and I am constantly craving frozen yogurt and ice cream.  Thankfully I have found a way to satisfy this craving without packing in tons of extra fat, sugar, and calories.

My friend and dietitian Danielle Omar posted a recipe for Banana Soft Serve on her blog this past weekend after I recommended the healthy summertime treat.  It is the perfect way to cure your sweet tooth:   cheap, easy, and made of one ingredient..yep..just bananas!

You can find her post here: Food Confidence: {Recipe Redux} Banana Soft Serve

Simply take frozen bananas pulse in a blender until smooth creamy delicious Banana Soft Serve is made!  It can take a little patience depending on how powerful your blender is.  You also might add in splashes of milk to get the process rolling.  Don’t add too much though or your soft serve will be a little watery.  Ew.  Patience is worth it though once you get a bite…

The best way to get these frozen bananas?

I take any bananas that are turning brown, peel them (very necessary, frozen peels do not come off easy, trust me), break them into ice-cube size pieces, and freeze in plastic baggies.  That way, when you want to make Banana Soft Serve or  add them into smoothies…they are ready to go!  You can top your Soft Serve with a little dark chocolate syrup, cool whip, frozen berries, unsweetened coconut, or mixed nuts if you want to go all out!


It will have you singing Gwen Stefani all day…”this stuff is bananas..B-A-N-A-N-A-S!” …cause I ain’t no hollaback girl…