It’s no secret that I get my love of fitness from my father.  He is the one who inspired me to start doing triathlons after he got involved in them a few years ago.  It has become a great balance as we both encourage, learn, and push each other when training and working out.  We have begun a semi-tradition of hitting up cycle classes together when I am home.   Recently though I have pushed him to incorporate more weights into his workouts so we mixed it up today and did some weight training before spin class.

Today we did a ‘push’ workout which focuses on Chest and Triceps…and we threw in some abs for good measure…

Be sure to warm up first with 5-10 minutes cardio…Here is what went down:

Anna’s PUSH IT weight workout

warm-up: 15 push-ups (full or modified) x2

Bench Press: dumbbells 12-15 reps x3

Chest Fly and Press: dumbbells 12-15 reps x3

Tricep Cable Pushdown: 12-15 reps x3

Tricep Overhead Extension: dumbbell 12-15 reps x3

Tricep Dips: 20 x3

Plank: hold 60 seconds x2

Side plank: hold each side 60 seconds

Bicycle Crunch: 30 x3

I knew it was a good workout when Dad said his arms felt like jelly!

Afterwards, we hit up our favorite spin class

Father/Daughter sweaty duo

He said he was definitely sore tonight, but I think that’s the push he needed to keep doing weights…especially when I could throw in a few more tricep dips then he could 🙂

Do you workout with your family?  How do you encourage each other to stay fit?