My weekend took an unexpected turn when my friend Tom and I decided to run the Fab 5K in Salem, VA.  The race was put on by Mountain Junkies and held at the Greenhill Park.  The race promised to be “flattest course you could create in SW Virginia” and with $400 prize money on the line, we knew it would draw out some élite runners. I haven’t done a 5K in so long so I have to admit I was a bit nervous and unsure of how I would do.  It takes such a different adrenaline to pump out a 5K as fast as you can as opposed to being in for the long-haul in a triathlon.

It was a beautiful morning, low humidity, sun peeking out, temperatures in the mid-60s.  We meet up at the park around 7:20 to get registered, warmed up, and before we knew it, the race was about to start.  The course was a mix of grassy fields, rocky path, and paved road.  It was the first race I had really done on open field, so I was careful to watch my footing throughout especially since the grass was still a bit damp from the morning dew.  I started off near the back to avoid the initial clump but weaved my way to the front as I could!

The energy was high as the crowds were out supporting family and friends…I had support too…My parents came with Maggie and Chloe to walk the park and cheer us on!  I struggled a bit as the course weaved near the ending, but during the final two lengths I really tried to push myself, especially when I saw Tom waiting for me near the finish.  He sprinted a bit with me to push me to the end…

Coming in the Finish Line!

I finished in 23:18 for an average pace of 7:31, 4th in my age group of 24-29 year old females, and 20th overall female.  I was hoping to finish under 24 minutes so I was happy with my time and glad I could come out for such a great 5K.  The first place finisher crossed the finish line in 15:23…talk about speed!!

Tom and I happy finishers!

Of course, the best part post-race is the celebratory Saturday morning breakfast we enjoyed after…Here’s to a FAB 5K!

What did you do this weekend?  Look for a post next week about training for your own 5K…