Yesterday I had the pleasure of hitting up a cycle class at a local gym.  It was a 45 minutes class and left me a sweaty mess!

Post-cycle water chug

I have taken cycle classes regularly for the past three years or so.  Cycle or spin class can seem so intimidating so I decided to go through my “will’s and won’ts” of cycle class for any newbies.

You won’t need special shoes, shorts, or any sort of apparel.  Some people will be wearing cycle shoes or padded bike shorts but these aren’t necessary…just regular sneakers and workout clothing will do!

You will want to bring a water bottle with you and grab a towel if provided to wipe off sweat during class.  You can get off at anytime at get water but it makes it easier if you have some with you!

You won’t be used to the feeling of pedaling on the bike at first, but as with any exercise, your body adjusts and eventually it becomes more natural.

You will need to get there a few minutes early.  The instructor should ask if anyone is new and need help setting up their bike BUT I would recommend being proactive and talking to the teacher ahead of time.  Proper positioning on the bike is necessary to avoid injury so get the teacher to help you get positioned.

You won’t be in one position the whole class.  The teacher will include various drills and positioning on the bike.  Usually you will do some sort of hill climb where you can adjust your bikes resistance making it easier/harder to pedal.  You also do sprints, increasing your speed for short time periods.  You might do jumps where you lift out of the seat into more of a standing position.  The instructor should explain each position as you go, especially if they know you are new!

You will be on the bike the whole class though!  If you are new, I would recommend a 30 or 45 minute class to ease into it.  Some gyms are offering combination classes with cycle followed by something else like ab work or yoga, but unless the description specifically says this, expect to be pedaling the whole time.

You won’t necessarily get breaks between the songs, but the teacher usually  lets you back off intensity, get water, and towel off.

You will be able to go at your own pace and intensity.  If you are having a tough time keeping up, you can always reduce the resistance or slow your speed…no one will know but you!  The teacher is there to push you, but you really have to push yourself too!

You won’t know what hit you the next day.  Your legs will be sore..not only that but your bum and…ahem…female parts might hurt a bit too.  Don’t worry, this type of pain goes away after a few classes.

You will have fun!  …okay…well you might not…but I HOPE you do!  If it’s not your favorite thing, maybe try a few other instructors as each one can be very different.  If you still aren’t feeling it, let it go, there are plenty of other ways to get a good workout!

Hopefully you’ll leave spin class with a smile on your face 🙂

Have you tried cycle class before?  Do you like it?!