“Whoever says you can’t buy happiness forgot about little puppies.” – Gene Hill

I’ve read so many articles about how dogs keep you healthy.  Have you seen them?  Do you agree?  Sure dogs are hard work, can be costly, and require a lot of responsibility.  But there are tons of benefits!  Dogs improve mood, increase activity, reduce anxiety, and provide companionship.  This is great news for me as I am home this week with my two dogs – Meet Maggie and Chloe:

Maggie is a 5-ish year old lab mix my parents got a few years ago from a local shelter.  She is an absolute sweetheart with an old soul.

Chloe is a 4-ish year old Pekingese mix I got last August at a local shelter too.  Technically Chloe is ‘my’ dog, as I got her to take to school with me. Unfortunately life got in the way a bit and she came to stay with Maggie and my parents this past winter.  She and Maggie became quick friends and I haven’t been able to separate them since!  I think Maggie could tolerate life without Chloe but Chloe would be bored to death back at my lonely apartment!

Chloe and Maggie…aka ‘the girlies’…are so much fun and I love to be home with them or pet setting!  They keep me moving throughout the day, at least 2 walks daily plus plenty of excuses to go to the park.  They also keep me laughing…

Chloe the cow..Halloween last year..how can you not laugh?!

They also are great companions!  They LOVE to be around people..trust me..I even have company in the bathroom.  They always come to cheer me on at my races with my mom.

Mom and the girlies at Christiansburg Sprint Triathlon

Well, I would love to stay and chat more about the girlies..but..it looks like they need their walk before dinner! 

Do you agree that dogs keep you healthy…?