That was my body and mind yelling at me on Sunday after my recent Triathlon.  I had followed a pretty rigorous training plan (think multiple two-a-day workouts and long rides and runs) since May.  Before the olympic training, this spring I raced in my first 10 miler AND 1/2 Marathon…throw into that 2 sprint triathlons and my body knew it had been pushed to its max!  I always take a day off during the week for recovery, but I knew this time I needed more than a day.  I also felt a bit mentally drained from having to plan training and workouts between work and attempting a social life…I felt like my life had revolved around training!

So I listened to my body…I enjoyed feeling ‘normal’ this week: rolling out of bed to get to work, coming home after to relax, and not having to constantly plan meals/snacks/gym bags/workout routines/training/etc.  I have to admit I felt a little unsure of myself not having a set workout routine, but I got over that quickly.  The extra sleep and hours in the day felt good physically and mentally.

With the ease of minimal physical activity, could I see myself continuing this break for long?  Not a chance … This morning I was itching for a little work out and headed to the gym for spin class.  The early morning class was a bit too early for my body, but it felt good to work out again.  I know I am still recovering from Sunday and I plan to continue to ease into working out slowly to be sure I am truly listening to my body.

So what would my advice be if your body is screaming for a break?

-Listen and give it a break!  Take a couple days (or more) off from working out.  Or perhaps focus on less intense movement like yoga, pilates, walking, etc.

-Use this time to get extra sleep, hang out with friends, and indulge in hobbies you’ve been putting aside.

-Continue to fuel your body, eating plenty of veggies, whole grains, and protein and chugging water like its going out of style.

-And if your mind starts wanting to work out before your body is ready, map out a workout plan for the next coming week…I’ve got mine in the works…I’m thinking weight training 🙂